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We produce award-winning original narratives and documentaries in virtual reality about wildlife and the natural environment. Our goal: creating impact for conservation.

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Immersion into the like never before

Habitat is the only dedicated cinematic VR production company in the world currently focused on telling stories about natural history in virtual reality. We’re fuelled by our planet’s loss of biodiversity and the incredible power virtual reality has to teleport people around the world into the magic of the wild to care more about it. Modern civilization has lost touch with its wild side, and virtual reality can change that. Everything we produce is aligned with our 3 core pillars:


VR has been called the ultimate empathy machine because while experiencing it, our brains cannot distinguish between what is real and what is virtual. We identify conservation needs and partners and produce stories to amplify the changing of hearts & minds.


It’s been proven that experiential learning is the most effective way to learn. VR offers a visceral way to learn about environments, species and conservation issues that may not be on people’s immediate radars.


Yes, we can deal with some serious topics, but it needs to be fun and engaging. Our VR experiences are unlike anything that could be experienced in the real world… at least not safely!

Latest News

My Africa makes Tribeca’s official selection!

A project we were heavily involved with for Conservation International, titled “My Africa”, and narrated by Academy Award-winning Lupita Nyong’o, will officially debut at Tribeca Film Festival 2018.

The VR experience, filmed in Africa by our homegrown team, explores man’s interwoven relationship with wildlife. More soon!